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Thought Of The Day 1 – Be warned. Your brain can easily learn 3 languages at the same time 😉

That’s right, your brain won’t explode to overdoses of succulent language loads. Nor will it melt away due to the heat of your hardcore study sessions. No, the brain is a war machine capable of sustaining heavy hits (ask NFL players ;).

Don’t listen to your teachers. If they managed to teach you history, geography, English, Math and Biology, all this in just one day, why couldn’t you learn 3 languages at the time??!

It’s common sense to think we can’t learn several subjects at the time, but crazy to imagine learning 3 languages at the time. Weird, right?

Why did those teachers with good intentions make such stupid judgment?

They don’t have faith in you and your brain. Shame! They would have been in for the shock of their life!

If your whole language learning strategy is to just trust your teachers, you are probably headed for a big disillusion!

Learn how to use your brain. Put it in an optimal learning state. How? Be relaxed – be motivated – be focused!

The world is full of people who go to the gym for their body, but hardly anyone train their brain – it’s like any muscle, take care of it – muscle it up so it can help you learn any language faster and more effectively.

One of the main reasons I created www.languagechameleon.com was to show you how you can rewire your own brain – to create powerful neural connections.

You have to put in the work.

Your “trained” brain can go a long way – don’t underestimate it!

Now, be honest to yourself, wouldn’t you love to be able to speak 3 languages in just 12 months? That is POSSIBLE!

P.S. I was lucky enough to have polyglot mentors that trained me in linguistic and cultural aspects of language studies, but it wasn’t easy to find them. If you need one, get in touch with me!

Your Language Coach,
Study Anywhere, Get Somewhere,

Language Chameleon