Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

I am Anthony Permaye, known as the Language Chameleon ( and I am embarking on a 12-month-long language learning documentary series.

I bring with me a wealth of experience as a language coach, teacher, and author. Over the past 12 years, I’ve dedicated myself to the idea that languages should be learned on a daily basis, extending beyond the confines of a classroom.

My primary objectives with this documentary are:

  • To impart efficient language learning techniques
  • To expose people to diverse cultures and new languages
  • To inspire young individuals to embrace multilingualism

I’ve conducted more than 7,000 language classes and taught over 2,000 students across four continents.

Why "12 languages 12 months" language learning documentary?

In February 2023 alone, language enthusiasts worldwide made 23,336,525 downloads of top language learning apps. This robust market data underscores the significant demand for language learning resources, demonstrating a substantial and growing audience for our new show, “12 languages 12 months” designed for language learners.

What will the funds be used for?

This documentary series requires approximately $60,000 to be executed properly, covering expenses such as flights, accommodations, visa costs, food, and other logistical support throughout the 12-month journey from July 1st, 2024.

While we’ve already pledged $15,000, we aim to avoid depleting our personal savings, given the uncertainty of the project’s outcome. Leaving our jobs for this endeavor means we won’t have a stable income for the next 12 months.

So, how does it work?

It’s simple! We’re selling “smileys for miles” to enable us to travel further from our initial departure point in China.

Each smiley can be purchased for $2. It’s not only a means of support but also a fun and competitive endeavor. You can aim to acquire more smileys than your friends or individuals from other countries, potentially making you or your country the winner of the “Smiley Race.” The more smileys you buy, the larger your photo becomes!

What’s even more heartwarming is that 25% of the proceeds (50 cents) from each smiley purchased will be donated to our charity partner, TERANGA. When we reach the $80,000 goal, we’ll print this piece of Internet art, frame it, and auction it, with the proceeds going back to our charity.

Let’s recap:

Step 1: Choose a number of smileys (as many as you possibly can 😉

Step 2: Upload your smiling picture

Step 3: Choose a location on the site

Step 4: Make a donation (payment)

Step 5: Leave an optional comment regarding this campaign J

Tell us more about Teranga

Education is a fundamental right for all children, but students in rural Senegal lack access to stable electricity and the Internet.

Teranga is an association of French schools that maintain close relationships with counterparts in Senegal, fostering international connections between students.

By supporting our project, you are directly contributing to the education of thousands of children in need.

With the $20,000, we will build Internet infrastructure for several schools so they can communicate with their French peers in a more efficient and modern way than just “writing letters”.

Why smileys?

We have partnered with the Teranga to bring smiles back to children and ensure they receive a proper education. We believe that using smileys not only makes supporting us more engaging but also adds an element of fun and interest to our language odyssey.

Once we have sold it all we will print off this page – a monument to peace – and frame it in a beautiful wooden frame and sell it at auctions for our charity partner.

Our gifts to you for your support

We intend to reward you with these original gifts:

>>> Every Smiley Buyer will receive Anthony’s book “How To Become Free & Successful Through Language Learning” In English or Chinese.

>>> Every Smiley Buyer will also receive 2 travel workbooks, called “Around The World In 12 Languages”, so they can follow our adventures around the world.

– Students can follow along on her own.

– Teachers can use it to teach their students about languages, cultures, history, geography and cuisine.

– Parents can teach their children about the wonders of this World too!

>>> Every Smiley Buyer will have the chance to win presents from abroad, selected by Anthony  and Andrea during their journey. 


There will be a Big DRAW!!

>>> There will be 2 types of prizes:

1. Smiley Buyers can win free online language lessons with our school partner LTL: 25 for the first buyer picked, 15 for the second one and 10 for the 3rd one.

2. Smiley buyers can also win 3 high tech gadgets: iPhone 15 for the first buyer picked, iPad for the 2nd pick and EarPods for the last one.
3.  One Smiley buyer can also win 1 trip in China if picked.


Oh, yes! And maybe the biggest prize of all! 

>>> The TOP Buyers of smileys will be offered 12 months of FREE English or French Lessons taught by Anthony online – 1 lesson a week each x 48 weeks!

>>> The Second TOP Buyers will get 6 months of FREE English or French Lessons taught by Anthony online  – 1 lesson a week each x 24 weeks!

>>> Finally, the Third TOP Buyers will get 3 months of FREE English or French Lessons taught by Anthony online  – 1 lesson a week each x 24 weeks!

Are YOU ready? 

Buy A Smile, So We Can Go An Extra Mile!

Can schools and organizations donate to this project?

Absolutely! Schools and organizations are welcome to contribute to our project. They have the opportunity to upload smiling pictures of their employees, and these images will be clickable, leading to the respective school or organization’s website. This provides a unique and interactive way for institutions to show their support. Kindly read the below terms:

  • Education institutions cannot upload their logo; only their employees’ pictures will be allowed
  • Only companies related to the field of education (legal and legit) are allowed to contribute to this operation
  • Drugs, gambling, and other illegal activity-related companies are forbidden from participating – their payment will be rejected